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Psst... hey you... yeah, you... you wanna buy a watch? Haha, I'm just kidding. But seriously... get over here and buy some guns!

Arms Dealer Larry is an arms dealer found on the Second Island, behind a building across from Skye's Bar. He is there only at night only but may not sometimes be there. He is also found at The Dangling Pianist (Directors Cut Only), in the men's bathroom. He sells Weapons.

Sale: (Second Island)

Weapon Price
Single Barrel Shotgun $3,800
Major League Bat $5,500
Carbon Steel Katana $6,200
Glock $9,050
Machine Gun $13,850

Sale: (Dangling Pianist)

Weapon Price
Glowy Sword $3,100
Minigun $20,900
Electro Helmet $18,550
Prototype Railgun $27,600