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Attorney Tack Jompson.png

Attorney Tack Jompson is an NPC who can be found at the Police Station in the morning till afternoon, though he may not be there sometimes. He can be found ranting to Deputy Johan about the game's violence. His name is a pun on Jack Thompson, an anti-videogame attorney who has filed numerous lawsuits against video games like Grand Theft Auto.


"I object to this video game! Stick RPG 2 is nothing but a murder simulator for children! I demand you take it off the internet at once!"

"Wait, strike that -- I demand you delete the internets! Deputy, arrest that blue headed guy!"

"Enough of this! XGen is trying to light the moral fabric of our society on fire, with more fire, using virtual firearms! Can't you see what's happening here?"

"Did you hear about the Kitten Exterminator job? This is worse than the time that guy actually killed kittens! In real life!"