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Barkeep is a bartender who works at Skye's Bar from afternoon till night. He serves the player drinks for $140. He can also be found at the Easy Gym in the morning. There is no strength requirement to fight him, and the player is awarded 5 strength for beating him. His name is a pun on the words 'bar' and 'keep', referencing his job as a bartender.


At the gym:

"Hey mate, Whad'ya say we throw on the ol' mitts and have a go?"

At the bar:

"If I'da 'ad the day off I'da threw on me boardies and me sunnies and 'eaded down to the beach, I woulda'. 'ats the way of it though, it's me lot in life."

Drinking Scenarios

You drank so much you actually puked on some girl at the bar. You got sent home with a punch in the face. (-6 Charm, -2 Strength)

You woke up this morning with hamburger in your pocket. Your wallet is also missing. (-$500)

You won the air hockey tournament. He shoots! HE SCORES! (+5 Charm, +$1300)

You got plastered. You even scored a phone number; written on your forehead! (+14 Charm)

You had an interesting conversation with 'The Most Interesting Man in the World'. That guy is just... soooo interesting. (+15 Charm, +8 Intelligence)

You were a Karaoke God all night. Well, nobody called you that... but they WERE throwing you sacrifices like chicken wing bones and beer bottles. (+18 Charm)

You danced the night away. The girls were really 'into' you. (+19 Charm)

You woke up this morning with a tattoo of Mr. T riding a shark and fighting a giant kitten -- Awesome! (+20 Charm)

You made out with a cheerleader. You win. (+27 Charm)