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Bartender Andrew is a bartender who works at The Club from evening till night. He serves the player drinks for $210.


"Welcome to The Club."

Drinking Scenarios

You called some chick a war pig.... you probably won't be riding a bicycle anytime soon. (-6 Charm)

You hung back and leaned against a wall all night while wearing sunglasses. Not cool. (-3 Charm)

You tried to buy some girl a drink. Her boyfriend didn't appreciate the gesture. (-2 Charm)

You can't remember anything specific last night, but you remember it being goooood. (+18 Charm)

You came, you drank, you left. (+19 Charm)

You had a great time last night dancing the night away. (+19 Charm)

You had an enlightening conversation with some university student. She was pretty cute. (+20 Charm, +5 Intelligence)

A fight broke out in the club. You threw a spinning back fist that knocked out the trouble maker. The girls were all over you after that. (+21 Charm, +8 Strength)

A table of older ladies bought you drinks all night. (+25 Charm)

The DJ was playing the best music ever last night! You were like Travolta on that dance floor. (+26 Charm)

You made out with a cheerleader, while she made out with a cheerleader. You won at life. (+55 Charm)