• Midascat

    "Stick Rpg 2 Brooooooo

    June 23, 2017 by Midascat

    "Heya Fellas...(or 2 Kids who see This Blog cu'z Nobody Love me and im gonna die alone.......)So...I was Walking on street and i found This And i said "HOLY CRAP A NEW SELLER"(cu'z that time i just Started Playng Stick Rpg 2) And  WHERE'S THE ICON?(Poor Midascat. . . . . )I Stayed...and stayed(and My Finger Broke For Pressin' T all that time........)So that's 'Bout it......Xgen moderators really Pissed Me off............

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  • ReviewPower123

    New edit

    May 6, 2015 by ReviewPower123

    Hello! I have made a new page called  Bank Manager Toby  Its my first work please read it also I will create my next page later after I play stick rpg 2 bye

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  • Mortica09

    [RO]Gaborul58 este aget FBI pe serverul

    Am fost ucis de acesta deoarece aveam 6 stele, problema este ca nu mi-a cerut sa ma predau, m-a omorat direct, fiinu-mi luati 100$ pe nedrept, daca ma intreba, m-as fi predat!

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  • Aust N Texas

    I'm realy getting tired of this wikia not having the info I want. So I am gonna start giving this wikia more juice by me contributing to it. I will start working on this on the 5th or 6th of October so if you guys want to help me, I will realy appericiate for you joining my revolution.

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