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Casino without the shading or NPCs

The Casino is located on the Third Island of Paper Thin City. It is a place for gambling activities, such as Slots and Blackjack. The Casino is a good place to "win big"... or lose big,

The Casino itself is a pretty big place, with a statue and a fountain in the middle of the room. There are various gambling machines for you to choose from.

This place gives you the most profit when you buy it as an asset


Jewelry Flipper -- If you give this person a cheap watch (or any), then he makes a Wedding Ring for you--So you can marry someone.

Gambler -- Nothing really...

Blackjack Dealer (2) -- One of the various ones in the city. He is the dealer for the blackjack game.

Unicorn Racing Dealer -- The Unicorn Racing Dealer appears to be the leader of the operation, since you collect the assets money from him. He lets you play the Unicorn Racing Game.

Frank--Nothing really...

Roulette Dealer--Dealer for the Roulette game.

Slots Cashier Carrie -- She lets you play slots.

Nails -- Advises you not to choose Unicorn-On-The-Cob


The Casino doesn't really have any products... Though technically they are.

Slots -- Spin and Win.

Blackjack -- Trying to get highest number of card number value, but no more than 21.

Unicorn Racing -- For this one, you bet on a unicorn and get money0 for the one that wins.

Roulette -- A ball rolls around in a wheel, you try to guess what # it lands on.


  • The trivia game machine is broken because someone googled all the answers. It could suggest it would be fixed sometime in a later update....
  • Gambling can actually get you a good amount of profit, if you have over $500 as starting money.
  • The big golden slot machine in the back doesn't work....
  • There's a cup of beer in the roulette section
  • A cop is outside the casino, suggesting common fights inside.
  • When playing Unicorn Racing, there's a chance that one of the unicorns would fall when the race started.