Character Creation
Immigration Identification Card
  • Name - Oliver (default)
  • Port of arrival - Paper Thin City
  • Ship - SS Lineage

The player's character will start out with a total of 35 points to distribute between 3 stats: Strength, Charm and Intelligence. The minimum number of points each stat needs is 5, so the maximum number of points you can allocate to one stat is 25.

The player can also pick one of the following Special Ability.

Special Ability Effect
Photographic Memory +INT when studying or going to class
To Cool For School +CHM when drinking or smoking
Beef Cake +STR when working out
Wall Street Wizard Receive a better interest rate at the bank
Workaholic Earn bonus money for Good Jobs
Warp Mind Earn bonus money from Evil Jobs
Socially Awkward Interpretive Dancer -CHM, -INT, -STR, character moonwalks everywhere