Stick RPG 2 Wiki

Charm (or Charisma) is a stat that can be improved and is also required in some jobs. It is unofficially a social stat.

How to Increase

Common ways include:

  • Getting drunk (if you have Director's Cut, then Time Traveler cheat will help you build Charm faster)
  • Studying
  • Being lucky in jobs and workouts.
  • Doing certain deeds (e.g. giving Trophemons to the Animal Activist Annie and Coca bags to the Police)
  • Getting married (Victoria: +200, Other girls: +100)
  • Using certain items such as Smokes and 40oz.
  • Getting the Pimp Hat from maxing out Pimp profession (+100)
  • Talking to Isaiah Musticka if you have at least 700 Charm (+45)