Stick RPG 2 Wiki

Here the list of Cheats

Cheats are benefits in the game that make the game easier to play.

Activating Cheats

To find the cheats you'll have to open your phone. Go to "Cheats" and a list of available/unavaliable cheats will appear.

Cheats are not free (you have to buy them with Xgen credits with cash).

In Director's Cut the cheats are free.

Super Speed

Holding Shift while walking allows the player to run, but not very quickly. When this cheat is activated, the player runs even faster than when using the Hoverboard.

Home Teleporter

This cheat requires the player to have owned that particular house in order for the shortcuts to work.

Pressing 1 returns the player to the entrance of The Basement on the first island.

Pressing 2 returns the player to the entrance of Cozy Condos on the second island.

Pressing 3 returns the player to the entrance of Penthouse Estates on the third island.

Pressing 4 returns the player to the entrance of the Mansion on the fourth island.

Pressing 5 returns the player to the entrance of the Castle on the fourth island.

Ironium Skin

It is inevitable that you will receive damage during fights, so naturally there will be a cheat to let you survive fights a little longer without having to regain health. When this cheat is activated, the player receives half of the damage they would usually incur (rounded down to the nearest whole number). For instance, getting punched would usually deduct 3 points from the player's Health, but with the cheat, only 1 point would be deducted.

Time Traveler

For days when you don't feel like doing anything, you would wish you could just skip that day and go on to the next day. In real life you can't do that (sadly), but in Stick RPG 2 you can!

With this cheat activated, you can fast forward time to the next day by pressing "t". No matter what time it was when you pressed "t", you'll automatically fast forward to the next morning.

Discount Shopper

The stuff in Stick RPG 2 can be a little bit expensive, which makes grinding cash a very long process. With this cheat enabled, everything purchasable has a 50% discount (except property and shares from the bank), so all prices will be halved and rounded down to the nearest whole number.