The Clinic is situated on the Third Island of Paper Thin City. This is the only place where there is some sign of doctoring. You can become a Doctor if you talk to Doctor Fines for Intelligence. This is the respawning point if you happen to die in combat. You respawn with 5 HP remaining. The establishment is filled with lots of chairs, and magazines that are very old.


Doctor Fines - The main doctor of Paper Thin City. He is probably a manager and a doctor. He offers you the option to become a doctor.

Nurse - A helper of Doctor Fines.

Creepster Mario - He stands during the morning, leaned against a wall and checking out the nurse. If he is given a bacon-flavored narwhal before the mental institution escapee on the first island gets one, you get boosted Karma and Charm, and he is cured of his perversions. In one of the Event Boxes, he is seen "checking out the nurse" but the player taught him a lesson, granting him + Strength.

Cyrus - He is coming to get a checkup, or something similar.

Darren - Nothing, really.

Doctor Home - Smoking outside the Clinic during the morning.

Job Opportunities

Doctor (requires 210 Intelligence and Positive Karma)


  • Doctor Home is never seen besides in the morning outside of the Clinic.
  • Doctor Home is obviously a reference to Dr. Gregory House from House M.D. due to his substance addiction and his dialougue which reads: "Don't mind me.".
  • There are two doors leading to some section of the building. Also, from outside, you can see that there is more to the Clinic than what can be seen inside. It is probably a operating room of some sort.