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Creepster Marlo is an NPC who is always found spying on people from afar for his own pleasure. Apparently, he suffers from a mental illness which causes him to be creepy, hence his behavior.

Curing Creepster Marlo

  • 1. Buy 3 Chicken Wings from Joe's Pizza Place, which amounts to $105.
  • 2. Give the Chicken Wings to The Wing King in Skye's Bar at night, and he will give you a Bacon Flavored Narwhal.
  • 3. Give the Bacon Flavored Narwhal to Creepster Marlo.

Curing Creepster Marlo awards the player 20 Charm.


* means that Creepster Marlo may not always be at that location.


At The Club:

"Mmmmmm... Huh? Oh, I'm just checking out the battlefield."

"I heard that Ansel is a real 'creepster'... Oh wait, that's me I'm thinking of."

"I'd like to dip my celery in her drink."

"You're crampin' my style man... leave me to my learnin'."

At Wally-Mart:

"I'm just watching."

"From the shadows..."

At the Clinic:

"Oh I'm not sick, I just have a thing for the nurse."

"What? Is that creepy? I've heard that before..."

After curing Creepster Marlo:

"Wooh...I feel...normal again! My 'Creepyness' is gone! Maybe now I can actually find a meaningful relationship. Thank you! Thank you so much!"