Creepster Marlo

Creepster Marlo is an NPC who is always found spying on people from afar for his own pleasure. Apparently, he suffers from a mental illness which causes him to be creepy, hence his behavior.

Curing Creepster Marlo

  • 1. Buy 3 Chicken Wings from Joe's Pizza Place, which amounts to $105.
  • 2. Give the Chicken Wings to The Wing King in Skye's Bar at night, and he will give you a Bacon Flavored Narwhal.
  • 3. Give the Bacon Flavored Narwhal to Creepster Marlo.

Curing Creepster Marlo awards the player 20 Charm.


* means that Creepster Marlo may not always be at that location.


At The Club:

"Mmmmmm... Huh? Oh, I'm just checking out the battlefield."

"I heard that Ansel is a real 'creepster'... Oh wait, that's me I'm thinking of."

"I'd like to dip my celery in her drink."

"You're crampin' my style man... leave me to my learnin'."

At Wally Mart:

"I'm just watching."

"From the shadows..."

At the clinic:

"Oh I'm not sick, I just have a thing for the nurse."

"What? Is that creepy? I've heard that before..."

After curing Creepster Marlo:

"Wooh...I feel...normal again! My 'Creepyness' is gone! Maybe now I can actually find a meaningful relationship. Thank you! Thank you so much!"