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Player next to DJ McQuick

DJ MatchStick McQuick is employed by The Club as a DJ. He possesses one of the four rare Trophemon birds in the city. He can be found in The Club from evening until night.


  • 1. Buy a Pizza from Joe's ($75) and a Milkshake from McSticks ($7). Total: $82
  • 2. Give them to DJ McQuick in the evening and he'll give you the Trophemon.


Nighttime dialogue:

"Peanut butter jelly time, bitchiz!"

"I told you already, I'm not playing Sandstorm."

"This one is called the Zipp Zapp Rapp."

"Techno Viking comin' 'atcha next."

Before quest completion, evening dialogue:

"Hey brother, don't mean t'be rude but I need food, dude! Joe's is still open... run over there and snag me some 'za."

"That's cold, man. Ice cold." (When rejected)

"Change your mind about that pizza? I got tunes to pump, I can't be gettin' it myself, playa'." (After rejection)

"That's what I'm talkin' about - Joe delivered! Well... actually, you delivered... but still, this pizza looks gooood!" (When given pizza) (+2 Charm)

"Yo chief, great job on the pie, but I need a drink. They only have beer here and I can't drink while I'm working... head to McStick's and grab me a shake." (After giving pizza)

"Change your mind about that milkshake? I got tunes to pump, I can't be gettin' it myself, playa'." (After rejection)

"You the man, chief! Milkshake with my pizza... I could write a song about this combination. But back to business - I guess I owe you something. I found this bird creature under my table when I got in -- here, you can have it." (When given milkshake) (+2 Charm, Trophemon)

After quest completion, evening dialogue:

"You're cool man, don't stop the awesome."