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I didn't do anything... really... I'm just meeting someone.
— Devin

Devin is one of the potential spouses in the game. She appears to be relatively laid-back and care-free, and often uses slang within her dialogue in the marrying saga. She also appears to be violent, such as when you give her her Switchblade she remarks "Thanks for this, with all the drunks stumbling around it might be useful". Devin also is also heavily implied to have a rather sexual disposition, given that she appears at the XXX DVD's store and remarked something about 'flexiility'. Like all the other potential spouses, when deviating towards a marital path that isn't her's, she will no longer be seen.


  • Morning: Devin can be found in the Police Station. She claims to just be "meeting someone."
  • Afternoon: Devin can be seen in the XXX DVD's store.
  • Evening: Devin can be seen hanging out in StickBucks.
  • Night: Devin can be found in the rave area of The Club.

Marital Questline

First, get at least -100 karma. Then go to the Hot Hot Ho place during the day and then talk to Devin. Say yes, then deliver the bag to the guy outside Steel and Hawk. Once you talk to him, receive the Switchblade then take it to Devin in the Club’s dance floor. When you deliver her the Switchblade, take the Cool Card to Vinnie’s Muscle (the tan-ish guy in Vinnie’s Bar.). Take the package from Vinnie’s Muscle and then do something until morning. Then go to the Police Station and receive the Watch from Devin. Do something until evening then go to the Casino, talk to the maroon guy, Jewelry Flipper, and trade the Watch for a Wedding Ring. Go to Stickbucks in the evening and give her the ring (you need at least -300 karma to marry her). She will then appear in your home. You will receive 100 charm for marrying her and will continue to receive one charm daily.

Wow, seriously? I guess you are the coolest cat I've been with in a long time, so I accept. We should get married in Vegas... oh, but I am still wanted in Nevada so... never mind, we can plan that later. I just can't wait to see you at home, bad boy.
— Devin


  • She is the second girl talked about by the Gossip Girl and is described as liking "All the bad things in this world."
  • The player can begin her marital questline even when they have positive Karma points.