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The promotional Picture of Director's Cut.

Director's Cut for Stick RPG 2 will get you a new fourth island of Paper Thin City to enjoy! With this comes an arsenal of weapons, and a plethora of jobs at that. There will also be an intriguing murder mystery at the Hardware Store.

Unfortunately, it costs $20 (sometimes it goes on special), but it's a very good addition to all of Stick RPG 2.


  • The New Abandoned Warehouse (a new group of bandits like Mobster's Tower and Gangsta HQ)
  • A bakery in which you're able to buy two different type of cakes which will maximize your HP and 50 Good or Bad Karma (depending on which cake you pick) for good measure. You will also be able to buy a pecan pie for $5,000 which will raise all stats except Karma by 30
  • Jim's Gym which has facilities just like Extreme Emma, except running up to 5:00pm and a more expensive price for the hookers.

The Fourth Island given when Director's Cut has been purchased.

  • The Dangling Pianist which is like a bar; the best place to get drunk in the 2.5D world.
  • You can also buy the Benjamin Club Pass here for $50,000 ($25,000 if Director's Cut Cheat is on)
  • Benjamin Club which is the best & largest casino
  • Town Hall where you can become a king, earning $2,000 per shift
  • Hardware Store where you can solve the murder mystery of Ryan and buy some tools to make your Homebrew Flamethrower
  • S.I.T where you can become a professor and teach lousy students all day long
  • A castle where you can possibly live after beating the arcade machine in Benjamin Club
  • Get to become a member of the Chainsaw Club
  • Expanded romance system (Another possible character to marry, Victoria)

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