In order to be a

Reward for Maxing out

doctor, you must have 210 intelligence and positive karma. It a well paying job, as you may expect. You work at the clinic in the Third Island of Paper Thin City. The max-out reward is a Stethoscope, which gives 75 Intelligence. The job pays the most, for positive karma that is.


The ranks of a doctor are:

  • Quack - $105 per shift
  • Marshal of Malpractice - $125 per shift
  • Dr. Nick - $150 per shift
  • General Practitioner - $169 per shift
  • Fixer-upper - $210 per shift
  • Bones - $260 per shift
  • Surgeon - $320 per shift
  • Master Healer - $365 per shift
  • Neurosurgeon - $410 per shift
  • Life Giver - $475 per shift

Random Events

The random events that can happen as a Doctor are:

  • You surgically augmented a man to make him stronger, faster, smarter and better looking. It cost him his house but at least he's happy. (+$32,500 +10 Karma.)
  • You found a cure for cancer, but it was quickly brought out and destroyed by a shady prescription company. At least you got paid for it. (+$15,000)
  • An Outbreak of Chicken Pox has the town in a huff. You are cashing in on the itchy situation. (+$2,740)
  • Last nights bar fight made you slightly busier than normal. (+$3000)
  • You delivered a baby during your coffee break. Way to work overtime! Now you have to clean up the break room. (+$1,250 - +8 Charm.)
  • You put up an anti-smoking poster in your office. It reads "Lets not lie, you're paying to die." (+10 Karma - +5 Intelligence.)
  • Miracle breakthrough! You found a cure for decapitation. (+18 Intelligence.)
  • The nurses voted you best looking doctor in the clinic. Take a bow, handsome. (+14 Charm.)
  • You had to tell that creepster Marlo to stay away from your nurse. Way to show 'em who's boss. (+13 Strength.)
  • The makers of Rad Bull asked you to do a commercial explaining the medical benefits of using their product. You declined after testing found Rad Bull to be only slightly better for you than gasoline. (+30 Karma +24 Intelligence +25 Charm.)
  • You developed a complex cure for obesity; you call it "Exercise." Getting this cure into pill form is proving difficult. (+20 Karma +23 Strength +19 Charm.)
  • A guy came into the clinic with 8 gunshot wounds. You were somehow able to save him! (+15 Karma +44 Charm.)
  • You mis-diagnosed a patient with the flu. Turns out he was just drunk. (-9 Intelligence.)
  • You forgot to give some goth dude his anti-depressants... whoops. (-10 Intelligence -10 Charm.)


  • If the player works an entire day as a max rank Doctor (Life Giver) for all shifts 5AM to 2AM and no random events occur, they can earn a maximum of $3,325 for a day's work.