Escort is a job in Stick RPG 2 that requires charm and negative karma. It pays $999 when maxed out.

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This job is only avalaible in 4th island. To be an Escort, you need 770 charm and negative karma.

To work as an Escort, click on He-Pimp Harvey, who wears a purple hat and leans against Jim's Gym behind a streetlight.

If you max out this profession and doctor, the two highest paying jobs without DC you can earn $9892 in one day. (5am-2am working doctor until evening)


Rent Boy - Salary : $210 per shift " You got rented by the hour"

Brothel Bro - Salary : $250 per shift "You made the girls happy"

Fallen Fella - Salary : $300 per shift You 'got the job done'.

Handy Hooker - Salary : $338 per shift "You 'took care of business.'

Call Dude - Salary : $420 per shift "You spent the night 'on call.'

Man Whore - Salary : $520 per shift 'You let her have it.'
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Gentleman Gigolo - Salary $640 per shift 'You worked your corner.'

Lady Killer - Salary $705 per shift 'You slayed a dragon.'

Money Stud - Salary $850 per shift 'You traded services for money.'

Super Meat Boy - Salary $999(+ a Crab) per shift 'You're "King Meat" on the street.' (Requires 1900 charm)

Random Events

"A 80 year old billionaire took you out for a night you will never forget. Yuck." (+$64,000, -60 Karma)

"A celebrity paid a premium for your services." (+$22,000, -40 Karma, +19 Charm)

"A female golf pro was lonely. She paid you to make her unlonely." (+$14,000, -30 Karma, +22 Charm)

"You got a hair cut. A super awesome one." (-$50, +57 Charm)

"You went to a party and drank your face off." (+35 Charm)

"A cute geek chick hired you to play video games all night. Easy money." (+$3,800, +10 Charm)

"Your 'he-pimp ripped you off." (-$240)

"You got punched in the face by some guy. Apparently his wife was one of your customers." (-40 Karma, -19 Strength)

"You caught a strange disease. Yikes." (-15 Strength, -20 Charm)

"You were caught by the police. You are going to jail." (Jail!)