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The Fitness Instructor profession is an available job the player can get in Stick RPG 2, and it can be found in Jim's Gym, located on the Fourth Island. The player must have at least 800 Strength to be able to get the job.


The player must first have Director's Cut, as Jim's Gym is restricted to users with Director's Cut. For the player to get hired in, they must have at least 800 Strength or more. Each shift takes 3 hours to complete.


Maxing out the Fitness Instructor profession will give the player a Bow Flecks (+90 Strength).

Title Salary Prerequisites
Fitness Floozy $200 Hired
Spotter $250 900 STR
Aerobics Assistant $300 1000 STR
Pilates Prudent $350 1100 STR
Plyometric Pusher $400 1200 STR
Squats Squatter $450 1300 STR
Commander Cardio $500 1400 STR
Yoga Man $550 1500 STR
The Gun Show $600 1600 STR
Mr. Universe $650 1700 STR


  • The title Mr. Universe is a play on the beauty pageant Miss Universe.