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The Fourth Island is one of the four islands in Paper Thin City. Compared to the other three islands in Paper Thin City, the Fourth Island appears to be the heart of the city, as it is the most urbanised island in the game. Most of the content in the Fourth Island requires Director's Cut to access.


Name Picture Description & location
The Brand New Abandoned Warehouse A grey-blue bricked industrial looking building with two ports, visible upon entering the island.
Jim's Gym Located toward the backend of the island, this large brown building sits behind S.I.T. and in front of the forest.
Benjamin Club An exclusive green building with dollar-sign decorations, it is located between the Hardware Store, S.I.T. and across the street from the City Hall.
Giovanni's Bakery Right after the parking lot after the Brand New Abandoned Warehouse sits the pink bakery with a pie out toward the parking lot.
S.I.T. A large glassy cube situated at the end of the fountain, right across the street from Giovanni's Bakery.
The Dangling Pianist The bar with a blue neon sign and walls covered with decorations to look like a piano, this expensive place is located just after Giovanni's Bakery, and across the street from S.I.T.
City Hall The white/grey coloured Victorian building is across the street from the Benjamin Club, close to the edge of the island.
Hardware Store Located in the middle of the Benjamin club, the Sewer Entrance and the Mansion, this blue-bricked building sports a glass-paned facade and a large red-on-yellow sign.
Mansion Visible upon entering the island, this red-bricked building with many windows sits besides the Hardware Store.
Castle At the far end of the island sits the grand, colourful Castle. It is found at the end of the road, right beside the forest and behind Jim's Gym.