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Gangster HQ is a Combat Zone building located on the First Island of Paper Thin City. It can be accessed by obtaining the Gangster HQ Key.

How to Access

The Gangster HQ Key is required to access Gangster HQ. To obtain the key, you must battle the group of Westside Gangsters seen hanging out on the basketball court in the middle of the island in the morning. Before you can battle them, you must have a certain amount of strength points. Winning the battle will give you the Gangster HQ Key.


The Gangster HQ from the inside looks like a typical office. The lobby of the Gangster HQ is a typical reception area floored with a textured red carpet. A large, spacious recreation area is stationed ahead of the lobby. Two tables and a ping-pong table is stationed at the centre of the room. The rightmost area of the HQ is a maze of small workstations, complete with computers and some papers. There is a restroom located at the top-west corner of the Gangster HQ.

Be warned, there is usually one or more Gangsters in each area ready to fight you.

From completing Gangster HQ you get some money and a Double Barrel Shotgun.