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The Government Official job is one of the many Professions player can get in Stick RPG 2.

The job is given by Sarah Phailin in the Office of the City Hall of the Fourth Island.

Government Official requires 30 Intelligence and 15 Charm to start, and requires Intelligence and Charm for promotions. For reaching max rank, King, the player is given The King and $2,420 salary.

Ranking Requirements and Salary

Rank Salary Requirements Progress Report
County Clerk $20/3h 30 INT 15 CHA You did what people asked all day.
Desk Jockey $27/3h 55 INT 25 CHA You played solitaire all day.
Board Member $42/3h 105 INT 50 CHA Meetings. They sucked.
Councillor $65/3h 210 INT 90 CHA Talked a lot, did nothing.
Mayor $90/3h 390 INT 190 CHA You ran a council meeting.
The Governator $160/3h 580 INT 240 CHA You fought off special interest groups all day.
Senator $380/3h 840 INT 400 CHA You sat in the senate. Did nothing, got paid.
Defence Minister $678/3h 1130 INT 520 CHA You kept things defended. Good job.
President $955/3h 1470 INT 740 CHA You were working on rewriting some government policy, but quickly decided playing pool was more important.
King $2,420/3h, and you receive The King minigun 1860 INT 890 CHA You ruled your kingdom.

Random Events

"You had to front the bill for today's lunch meeting." (-$325)

"You spent your coffee break with Sarah, you feel slightly less intelligent." (-5 Intelligence)

"The budget is out 9 trillion dollars...whoops." (-7 Intelligence, -25 Charm)

"You gave an inspirational speech at a University graduation. The kids looked inspired, but at least half were faking it." (+20 Intelligence, +20 Charm)

"You came up with a new law! It is now illegal to sell shingles past 10pm. Problem solved." (+32 Intelligence)

"Your "Economic Stimulus" plan failed miserably." (-22 Charm)

"New government exercise policy has you in better shape than ever!" (+33 Strength)

"You sent a request form in for a new deluxe coffee machine. Tax payers won't mind a bit." (-15 Charm)

"You took a bribe. Shame on you." (+$10000, -10 Karma)

"You threw the first pitch at a Baseball game. What an honor!" (+47 Charm)

"A bomb threat a city hall left you and your co-workers out of the office." (+25 Charm)

"You updated the government website. The last update was in 1994." (+35 Intelligence)