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Tutorial Ted.

The Hardware Store is able to be accessed by the Directors Cut. Once you purchase the Directors Cut you will be able to solve a murder mystery.

1.When you enter the Hardware store there will be a detective he will give you a clue "Chainsaw Club".

2. Buy a 50cc chainsaw in the hardware store. In the Dangling Pianist. The guy in the color purple gives you a chainsaw club member ship in Jim`s Gym.

3. Go to Jim's gym late at night around eleven pm. In there click the purple guy with a quest sign above him. He will get mad thinking you accused him of the murder and he will fight you. win and you get the second clue, OR you can go into the gym in the morning, when your able to work out, use the time travel cheat (if you have it), and then you'll be able to fight the purple guy, but you won't be able to spar with any of the other chainsaw club members. (You don't require a chainsaw for this.)

4. The clue reads "Talk to Marty he's usually out drinking". Go to skye's bar on the second island anytime and talk to the purple guy. He will be there at around 11:00pm.

5. Marty gives you a clue reading "The killer was seeing a lady of the evening she knows more". Marty is then killed by an unknown person.

6. At night go to the first island. In front of the xxx videos shop, there will be the lady in the evening.

7. Pay her 15,000 dollars and she will give you a confession note.

8. Show the note to the detective in the hardware store. He will let you arrest the killer.

9. Go to Benjamin's club (Buy a pass for 50,000 dollars in the Dangling Pianist, or 25,000 with the discount shopper cheat) In the afternoon, there will be tutorial ted.

10. Fight tutorial ted and if you win, you get a railgun.


Tutorial Ted's last line when you talk to him with the warrant is a reference to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Dracula's final line before fighting you is the same as Tutorial Ted's. "But enough talk, have at you!"