The Homemade flamethrower is the lowest-tier flamethrower.

How to build:

The things you will require are (in order):

  • Leafblower
  • 40oz
  • Lighter

The leafblower can be bought from the Hardware Store (require Director's Cut) for $1900.

The 40oz can be bought from 11-Seven for $90, or as loot from fighting the Eastside Mobster outside the Penthouse Suites.

The Lighter can be bought from Steel and Hawk or The Contraband Salesman for $75.

Bring the items to Pyro Perry, who will then give the player the Homebrew Flamethrower and increased stats.

Kapinphalcon (talk) 21:00, May 5, 2013 (UTC)kapinphalcon