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Hoverboard Description

The Hoverboard is the fastest transportation in Stick RPG 2. It is accquired by giving 4 Trophemon birds to the Millionaire or to animal activists. The Hoverboard is pink and decorated with stickers.

How to get the hoverboard

1. Buy a grand slam burger at McSticks

2. Give it to Mike  (the construction worker behind U of  S and next to the Cozy Condos). He'll give you a ladder.

3. Find the old woman who needs help getting her cat out of  the tree (next to Mobster Towers) and use it to get her cat out of the tree.

4. Give the Trophemon to the activists in the square in the very first place with the basement.

5. Go back to McSticks and buy the milkshake.

6. Go to Joe's Pizza place and buy a slice of pizza. (has to be around 11 am so Joe's will be open)

7. Go to The Club and give the DJ the Pizza and Milkshake (has to be around 6pm) and he will give you the Trophemon

8. Go to the second part of the town with U of S and keep throwing money in the guitarists hat until he gives you the Trophemon.  (has to be around 5 pm)

9. Go to the Contraband Salesman behind Skye's Bar and buy the Zipo lighter, cuban cigars, and smokes (has to be around 10pm)

10. Go to Fake ID seller Rudy next to 11 seven and buy a fake ID/get a ID from the Police Station on the First Island.

11. Go to Vinnie's next to Steel and Hawke in the afternoon or at night and give Vinnie's Goon the smokes, cuban cigar's, and lighter.

12.  Bring all Trophemons back to the square to claim your hoverboard.


Hoverboard is so fast that it matches the SuperSpeed directors cut cheat.

Like any skates, the hoverboard can be glitched to look like moonskating, and even offscreen-skating.


  • You will get paid by the millionaire, however you do get negative karma for it.
  • You won't get paid by the animal activists, but you do get positive karma and charm.
  • The hoverboard is of the same design that Marty McFly uses in Back To The Future. It's description is also a reference to BTTF as a character says something similar to the line.
  • Holding down the "O" or the "K" keys while holding "SHIFT" with the hoverboard or skateboard, you will ollie or do a kickflip. Doing this will give you "+1 CHARM" 5 times. You can do this once a day.
    Hoverboard 2.png
    Hoverboard in motion
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