When you start a new game an intro will appear after the character creation screen:

It seems like eons ago - that afternoon in which
you lazily drifted off, awakening only to
become aware of your net existence in an
unfamiliar dimension

7 years have passed since that day

The last thing you can remember is falling
asleep in your castle, ruler of the
2-Dimensional world. You wonder where you
are now... is this limbo?

You feel weightless, bodiless, drifting gently
through the ether.

You reason that is must have all been a dream...
or a dream within a dream... about a dream?
But... where are you now? Has it really been 7
years since you entered that strange dimension?

Once again you feel your perception warp
and twist as time and space bend before
your very eyes. Suddenly, a familiar sensation
rushes to your head... you are falling.

When the intro has been completed or skipped you will find your character standing near the basement and Tutorial Ted will be talking to you.