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Joe's Pizza Place is a pizza shop on the First Island ofPaper Thin City. It is located on the very west side of the Island, found between The 247 Laundromat and Gambleville. The interior is shabby and obviously not cared for. It has a long row of chairs and only 1 table. There is a kitchen in the back room behind the counter, and a vending machine beside Domino.


Morning: Closed

Afternoon: Open

Evening: Open

Night: Closed


  • Pizza $75
  • Chicken Wings $35

On Discount Shopper (Cheat)

  • Pizza $37
  • Chicken Wings $17


  • Promotions come with every 10 shifts worked. Pizza Delivery Person
    • Doorbell Dinger $1
    • Tip Flipper $11
    • Pie Packer $12
    • Pepperoni Pilot $13
    • Deep Dish Dispatcher $14
    • Hawaiian Hawker $15
    • Anchovy Express $16
    • Bearer of Hot Boxes $17
    • Deluxe Dealer $18
    • Czar of'Za $20 and Pizza


Joe: Joe is the owner of Joe's Pizza Place. He is described as an impatient pizza salesman. Joe will offer you the Menu. "Can't you see I've got better things to do? Don't waste my time kid,  what'll it be?"

Domino: Domino is the assumed delivery boy for Joe's Pizza Place. Domino will offer you work as a Pizza Delivery Man. "Yo, you want to deliver some pizzas for me? Doesn't pay much but the tips are ok."


  • The colors bear similar resemblance to the real life Pizza Hut.
  • The name is not cleary mentioned as "Joe's Pizza Place" but the exterior roughly translates to it.
  • The character Domino is a reference to the real life Domino's Pizza.
  • Sacha hints that Joe frequently gets drunk.