(She doesn't even look up from her book... must be a good one.) - Trying to talk to Kate in StickBucks without the required intelligence

Kate Overview

Kate is one of the stickgirls you can choose to marry within Stick RPG 2 who's marital questline can only begin with fairly high intelligence (more about that later). She is the fourth girl mentioned by the Gossip Girl and is said to be a "Real straight shooter".


Kate can be found in a few different locations at certain times during the day. Morning, you can find her reading in StickBucks. Afternoon, she is inside the U of S standing by the wall nearest to you as you enter, outside of the U of S during evening, and hanging around in Skye's Bar at night. She will never, like usual with the others, be found in these places once you begin a marital questline with one of the other stickgirls.

Marital Questline: Quick Walkthrough

  1. Go to StickBucks with over 75 intelligence in the Morning
  2. Talk to Kate and accept her request
  3. Go to the U of S in the Morning and give the text book to Kyle
  4. Meet Kate at Skye's Bar at Night and give her the calculator
  5. Go to the U of S during the Afternoon and give Kate the mechanical pencil
  6. Trade the watch with the jewelry flipper to get a ring
  7. Talk to Kate outside of the U of S during the Evening and ask her to marry you (you need over 300 intelligence for this)

Marital Questline: In-Depth Walkthrough

  1. So, what you need to do is head over to StickBucks, 1st island, during the Morning and speak to Kate. Over 75 intelligence is needed. So instead, keep gaining more and more intelligence by going to Tutor Tim, Professor Longbottom, Professor Norton if you have the Director's Cut, or work (since you can sometimes gain stats) until you eventually spot a speech bubble with a heart inside. This indicates that you're able to start Kate's Marital Questline. Then what will happen is that she'll ask you to give a text book to a stickman named Kyle. Accept it.
  2. Keep your time of day as Morning and go to the U of S, 2nd island and give Kyle the text book. Kyle will be the green guy sat down on a sofa with his head in his hands as you enter, he'll have a quest bubble above his head so he'll be pretty hard to miss. Once he has been given the text book, he'll give you a calculator and tell you to meet Kate at Skye's Bar at Night.
  3. Do what you want to pass the time until it becomes Night by going to work, the gym, or somewhere you can study(which I'd recommend because you'll need the intelligence for a later part in the questline). Then, meet Kate at Skye's Bar and give her the calculator, her delight will gift you with her lucky mechanical pencil, which you'll need to give her during the afternoon inside the U of S
  4. Nearly there, what you have to do now is find Kate inside of the U of S and speak to her. She'll go on about how she needs a pencil to write a calculus final, as she's supposedly lost her's. Give her the mechanical pencil you received from her previously. What she'll give you as her last gift is a Cheap watch.
  5. Okay (make sure it's still Afternoon before you do this), go to the Casino, 3rd island, and talk to the jewelry flipper and trade him the watch for the Wedding Ring. You've obtained the Wedding Ring now so you can marry Kate.
  6. When it is evening you should have over 300 intelligence and head over to Kate and propose. For one final time, that heart should come up. She will accept and say "I always knew I'd marry an intellectual! Of course I accept! I will be moving in immediately. We will need to discuss the cleanliness of your domicile however, particularly the lavatory. Brilliant men are always so messy."
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