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New Lines Inc. In StickRPG 2

New Lines Incorporated is a work place found in the First Island, Paper Thin City. It was featured in the first Stick RPG game. You can apply for a job there as a Corporate Zombie. At night, you can spot members of the Westside Gang attempting to break in. If you have a screwdriver, you can assist them and if you refuse you will be forced into a fight.


Recruitment Officer

Mr. Schrute
"Bears... Beats... BattleStar Galatica"

"Oh, I steal things all the time. It's just something I do. I stopped trying a long time ago. You should see how many supplies I've taken from this place. Honestly, I love stealing things."

Westside Gang
" Hey player, you wanna help a G out? I need a screwdriver to get in this one. Find me one and I'll hook you up with something real nice."

If chosen to help
"Thanks, dawg. Here a little something to take the pain away." (-20 Karma, 1 Coca)"

If chosen to refuse
(+20 Karma, 1 Coca)


The ranks at New Line Inc. are:

  • Mail Room Clerk- $15 per shift "Sorting mails make you feel important."
  • Cubical Farmer- $17 per shift " Another office day grind "
  • Salesman- $21 per shift " You spend the day on the phone 'cold calling'. You didn't actually sell anything."
  • Suit- $24 per shift " You worked on an important report with a bunch of numbers and stuff. "
  • Vulture Capitalist- $27 per shift "Another day, another dollar"
  • Executive- $31 per shift "You worked, you got paid"
  • Vice President- $38 per shift "Another day taking orders from the president"
  • President- $43 per shift " Another day running &%$#. It's good to be in charge "
  • CEO- $56 per shift " You watched football in your office "
  • Corporate Mastermind- $75 per shift " Sat in the master office all day, going over the master plans"

Random Events

  • "You spent the entire day reading professional publications and documents. You honestly had nothing better to do." (+12 Intelligence)
  • "Company wide bonuses went out today for having the best year on record! Time to pick up that new matching cardigan set you've been day-dreaming about, you corporate schmuck." (+$500)
  • "You spent the day chatting with friends on a social networking site, accomplishing absolutely nothing work related." (-2 Intelligence, +14 Charm)
  • "You smashed your hand in the photocopier again. Jeez, how does that keep happening?" (-3 Strength)
  • "The owner's super-hot daughter keeps staring at you. You feel flattered, but there's no way you can talk to her without losing your job. And your manhood." (+18 Charm)
  • "During today's fire drill, you were first to the muster point. If you aren't first, you're last!" (+13 Strength)
  • "The company has given you a stake in shareholder equity. You pretty much own the place now... well, at least the desk lamps and paperweights." (+$1675)
  • "You brought in donuts for the office this morning. Smooth move; everyone pretended to like you for the day." (+$200, +7 Intelligence, +16Charm)


  • Mr. Schrute is a reference to Dwight Schrute, a character on The Office.
  • Creed is a reference to Creed Bratton, a character on The Office.


  • A Cheap Watch after reaching the top rank.
  • You also get a packet of Coca that you can give to Narcotics Division Dave for Good Karma and Charm or the Coca Nut Boy for cash and Evil Karma if you assist the gangsters in breaking in or if you are successful in the fight.