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All islands except the Fourth Island

Paper Thin City is a fictional city in Stick RPG 2, possibly based on the real state, California. Paper Thin City is made up of four islands and one in construction and is surrounded by air and clouds. Paper Thin City seems to be in an unknown universe but possibly in the same universe of the setting for Stick RPG. Life does exist beyond the city as proven from the foreign alien.



The First Island is the most gang influenced island in Stick RPG 2. Prostitution, drug dealing, pimping and graffiti make up the First Island. In the beginning of Stick RPG 2, the player is given their first home on the island, a basement. Also, it may be the most crowded, judging from the apartments surrounding the area near where you start. The Westside Gang occupies the island.

The Second Island is generally a small lonesome island in Stick RPG 2. It is the smallest island out of all of them. Mike, a construction worker, is currently working on a new island on the Second Island. The notable buildings are the very large apartment buildings, the Mobster Tower, and the Cozy Condos.

The Third island is the most urbanized island tied with the Fourth Island. The Eastside Mob occupies the island. It appears to be some sort of shopping district, with a bank. There is a penthouse as well, suggesting it is very rich.

The Fourth Island is the most urbanized island tied with the Third Island. Most of the island is restricted unless you play Stick RPG with Director's Cut. The island is very abnormal due to the Castle, Aliens and other odd stuff on the island. The island is also considered one of the wealthiest islands, except for the fact that there are Sewer People in this island. There also is a creeper from Minecraft hiding in a hole in the side of the island exposed to you, near Andy the Alien.

The Fifth Island is a suspected upcoming island in Stick RPG 2. Construction on the possible island can be seen on the Second Island.