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Pianist is an occupation the player can get in The Dangling Pianist. The job requires 550 Charm points to get hired in, and promotions require the player to have worked in the job for at least 3 times, and for the player to have gained more Charm points.


To be a pianist, you need 550 Charm. It is a Director's Cut only job, because the pianist job is located in The Dangling Pianist on the Fourth island. The job is available in the evening and night.


Every shift takes 2 in-game hours to complete. Promotions come with every 3 shifts worked and fulfilling the required amount of Charm. Maxing out the profession will reward you with the Grand Piano.

Rank Salary Rank Requirements Progress Report
Chop Sticks Chopper $105 550 Charm "You poorly played piano."
Keyboard Kiddie $145 590 Charm "You rambled off some notes."
Poser Pianist $180 635 Charm "Mary had a little lamb is getting old."
Makeshift Musician $220 690 Charm "You mashed the keys."
Solid Soloist $265 750 Charm "Another solid performance."
Contemporary Contender $330 820 Charm "Another day playing piano."
Concert Pianist $385 900 Charm "You rocked the cash bar."
Piano Pioneer $445 990 Charm "You killed some chords."
Master Pianist $505 1020 Charm "You showed off your master piano skills."
Grand Master Pianist $625 1150 Charm "You raised the roof. Piano Style."

Random Events


  • A table full of girls had their eyes on you all night, and you're playing all the right notes (+32 CHA)
  • One of the besht *hic* things about working at a *hic* piano bar ish the free drinks! (+18 CHA)
  • During one of your breaks, you managed to convince one of the regulars to see exactly how many jager bombs they can drink in 20 minutes ~ for science! (+9 STR, +14 CHA)
  • A shady character has been harassing the waitress and generally making everyone uncomfortable all night. You grab him by the collar and toss him head-first into the street, LIKE A BOSS! (+22 STR)
  • You suddenly realize that you're playing a song about a man playing a song about a man playing a song... we have to go deeper! (+27 INT, +14 CHA)


  • The place is absolutely deserted tonight, which means you get to spend your entire shift amusing yourself by playing old-school video game themes. Forever alone! (+30 INT, -10 CHA)
  • What's this? A request? For... Piano Man... Again? You die a little more inside as you mindlessly drone through the opening notes.


  • Uh-oh. You got caught pretending to play live what turned out to be a pre-recorded song. "This guy's a phoney! A big fat phoney!!" (-10 CHA)
  • The new bartender "Steve" steals your tip jar, then spends 20 minutes "helping you look for it". Scumbag. (-$1200)