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Pimping is an evil job in Stick RPG 2. To pimp, you need Charisma and Negative Karma.


Pimpin' Pete, located between The Park and New Lines Incorporated.

You can work every night at The Park by talking to Pimpin' Pete.


Rank Salary Requirements Quote
Hustler $55 per shift 135 Charm "Bow chicka wow wow."
Gigolo $78 per shift 168 Charm "You sold out your womens."
Panderer $95 per shift 222 Charm "Another day, another dollar."
Whoremonger $120 per shift 285 Charm "The sex trade pays again."
Harlot Hawker $145 per shift 355 Charm "Bow chicka wow wow."
Flesh Peddler $169 per shift 435 Charm "You dealt daisy's."
Lady Leaser $199 per shift 579 Charm "Another night on the streets selling tail."
Call Girl Carrier $215 per shift 615 Charm "Girls Girls Girls."
Mack $241 per shift 680 Charm "You pimped out hardcore all night."
Mack Daddy $270 per shift w/ Pimp Hat 760 Charm "They call you the gangster of love."

Random Events

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"A local gaming convention needed girls as booth babes. How convenient." (+$7200, +11 Intelligence)

"A local sports team bought out all your available inventory. They said something about a train... what a strange way to travel in this day and age." (+$6300, +3 Strength)

"You struck a deal with a movie producer to have your girls star in Call of Booty 5." (+$4550, +8 Intelligence, +10 Charm)

"You gave Vinnie a bulk deal for all his boys." (+$4200, -35 Karma, +8 Charm)

"A bachelor party paid a premium for your services." (+$1250, -25 Karma)

"You convinced a beautiful new blond to join your "team". You are the master of seduction." (+21 Charm)

"A customer was trash talking one of your girls. No one talks to your girls that way! He felt your wrath." (+13 Strength, +5 Charm)

"Slow night; you decided to test out the merchandise." (+5 Charm)

"An undercover cop busted you." (Go to Jail)

"One of your girls stiffed you. You had to let her go." (-50 Karma, -13 Charm)

"A new girl asked to join the 'group'. Too bad she was an undercover cop." (-18 Karma, go to Jail)

"Your pimp cane fell off the side of the world. It's gone forever. (-$400, -6 Charm)

"You bought all the girls dinner tonight, showing them that you do sort of have a heart." (-$300, +12 Charm)"

"Half of your girls are sick tonight, leaving your regular costumers lonely." (-$900, -8 Charm)