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Pizza Delivery is a profession in Stick RPG 2. It is given to you by Domino in Joe's Pizza Place. 25 Charm is required to be hired, and promotions are based on work experience. It requires 10 shifts for a promotion. The working hours are limited to afternoon and evening.


Quote Tip
Gangsters roughed you up and took your pizza. -$250,

-3 Strength

You got a delivery to some gamer convention, but when you got there 'StickLuvr45'

never claimed his pizza. Jerk.

Young guy, didn't tip. $0
Sewer person, tip sucked. $5
Old man, tip sucked. $5
University kids, tip sucked. $10
Student, crappy tip. $15
Hot chick, tip was terrible. $15
Bartender, tip was so-so. $20
Funny looking guy, tip was mediocre. $20
Old Lady, okay tip. $30
Game developer, tip was exactly 15% $37
Young couple, tip was okay. $40
Teacher, tip was alright. $50
Construction workers, tip was impressive. $55
Semi-Pro athlete, tip was semi-good. $65
Drug dealer, tip rocked! $80
Executive after party, tip was good. $80
Scientists working up late, tip was very nice. $90
Old man, tip was awesome. $110
Mob boss, tip was great! $120


Name Salary
Doorbell Dinger $1
Tip Flipper $11
Pie Packer $12
Pepperoni Pilot $13
Deep Dish Dispatcher $14
Hawaiian Hawker $15
Anchovy Express $16
Bearer of Hot Boxes $17
Deluxe dealer $18
Czar of 'Za $20 + Pizza