Stick RPG 2 Wiki

The police station is located on the first island near the doughnut shop and the exit to the second island. Here, you can get a job as a police officer and get ID( Positive Karma). There are also two quests to be done here. The police station can be found neer McStics.


===Quest number one===



  • $10,000


  1. Go to the police station
  2. Click the Nigerian Prince (the brownish prisoner, next to the orange inmate)
  3. He will ask for $10,000 to post bail in return for half of his fortune. You actually receive the money on Day 1000. However, give him the money, and he will give you a 4D hypercube and negative karma.

Quest number two


  • 3-4 bags of coca


  1. Go to the police station located on the 1st island.
  2. Speak with Narcotics Division Dave, the one on the left.
  3. Keep giving him the bags of coca you possess.
  4. He will reward you with good karma, charm and a Mobius Strip


  • ID Card: $175, +25 karma, allows access to bars and casinos


  • The Doughnut Shop being next to the Police Department is based on the popular stereotype that Police Officers are obsessed with Donuts.