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Profession Wheel

Professions are the main way to make money in Stick RPG 2.

There are many professions in the game, although some of them have prerequisites and requirements for promotions. It is only possible to get promoted once a day. However, it is possible to reload the game and continue to get promotions in the same day, assuming you have the requirements for the promotion (professions which only require work time can still be promoted, otherwise it's always work 3 times and the promotion requirement).

The jobs are as follows:

Name Location Requirements Promotion Requirements Maxed Out Gift and Most you can make
Burger Flipper McSticks Nothing Work 5 times Free Food Card + $35
StickBucks Employee StickBucks Nothing Work 5 times Fancy Coffee

+ $35 

Graffiti Artist Building across the street from the Old Abandoned Warehouse 35 Charm Charm Empty Paint Bucket + $82
Skateboarder Skate or Cry 40 Charm, Skateboard Charm Pro SkateBoard + $140
Corporate Zombie New Lines Incoporated 25 Intelligence Intelligence Cheap Watch + $75
Video Game Designer XGenStudios 40 Intelligence, 20 Charm Intelligence, Charm

Masamune Katana + $175

Police Officer Police Station 75 Strength, Positive Karma Strength Combat Shotgun + $165
Doctor Clinic 210 Intelligence, Positive Karma Intelligence Stethoscope + $475
Ice Cream Taster Ice Cream 32 +900 Karma N/A $10
Pimp Outside The Park, nighttime 100 Charm, Negative karma Charm Pimp Hat + $270
Milkman Eleven Seven 15 Strength Strength Cowbell + $60
Hitman Vinnie's 180 Strength, Negative Karma Strength Secret Weapon + $446
Drug Dealer Outside the building behind The Lab 75 Intelligence, 60 Strength, Negative Karma Intelligence, Strength Hall of Fame Bat + $300
Kitten Exterminator Westside BasketBall Court -900 Karma N/A $5
Hacker StickBucks Crackbook Pro, Intelligence, Negative Karma Intelligence The Internet + $275
Pizza Delivery Person Joe's Pizza 25 Charm Work 10 times Pizza + $20 
Government Official City Hall 15 Charm, 30 Intelligence Charm, Intelligence The King + $2,420
Dark Lord Benjamin Club 680 Intelligence, 850 Strength, Negative Karma, Glowy Sword Intelligence, Strength Dark Laser Sword + $999
Light Knight (DC) City Hall 850 Intelligence, 680 Strength, Positive Karma, Glowy Sword Intelligence, Strength Blue Glowy Sword + $1,200
S.I.T. Professor (DC) S.I.T. 900 Intelligence Intelligence Tesla Helmet + $1,120
Personal Trainer (DC) Jim's Gym 900 Strength Strength Bow Flecks + $650
Rockstar WallyMart Strength, Charm, Guitar Strength, Charm Platinum Record + $325
Escort Near the Jim's Gym Negative karma, Charm Negative karma, Charm Crab + $999
Pianist (DC) The Dangling Pianist 550 Charm Charm Grand Piano + $625
Lumberjack Behind Jim's Gym Strength, 55

cc Chainsaw

Strength 70cc Chainsaw + $475