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Professor Longbottom is an NPC professor who teaches at the U of S. He is there from morning to the afternoon. He charges $165 per class, and each class lasts 2 hours.


"Hurry up and take a seat, class is about to start."

University Scenarios

One plus one equals window was NOT the correct answer. You failed your quiz, funny guy. (-1 Intelligence, +9 Charm)

You formed a study group today of only the best, the brightest, the... OK -- you just invited the hot girls.... most of them showed up! (+11 Intelligence, +8 Charm)

You crammed hardcore. (+12 Intelligence)

You studied really hard. (+14 Intelligence)

You looked like a genius, answering every question the professor asked in class. (+15 Intelligence)

You picked a copy of 'Rocket Science for Dummies' before the lecture; this stuff isn't so hard after all! (+15 Intelligence, -$100)

You bought a stolen answer sheet from a classmate before the exam. You're oooonly cheating yourself... and the test, on which you got 100%. (+20 Intelligence, -5 Karma, -$50)

You won the scholarship you applied for -- Cha-Ching! (+22 Intelligence, +$2500)

You made the Dean's list; score! (+23 Intelligence, +4 Charm)


  • Professor Longbottom is based off the character in the epilogue off Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows