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Professor Norton is an NPC professor who teaches at S.I.T. He is there from morning till afternoon. He charges $345 per class, and each class lasts 2 hours. You'll require DC (A.k.a Director's Cut) To get inside S.I.T.


"We charge on a class per class basis."

University Scenarios

Your computer programming class went well. So did the flash game you were playing the entire time. (+13 Intelligence)

Group self-evaluation scores are in. Your group liked you, apparently. (+15 Intelligence, +12 Charm)

Multirative Statistics class again. Boring. (+17 Intelligence)

You learned a whole bunch of 'technical stuff'. (+18 Intelligence)

Your class worked on an artificial intelligence that may someday rule the world. (+21 Intelligence)

Just another day of Histopathology. This stuff is almost too easy. (+22 Intelligence)

Your Intelligence stat has been raised 22 points for being such a good student. (+22 Intelligence)

You aced the exam! Time to par-tay! (+44 Intelligence, +20 Charm)