Recruitment Officer

The Recruitment Officer is an employee of New Lines Incorporated, and provides the player with the Corporate Zombie job.


  • New Lines Incorporated (Morning to Afternoon)
  • Outside The Club (Night) *

* means that the Recruitment Officer may sometimes not be there


In New Lines Incorporated:

"Welcome to New Lines Incorporated; a large, faceless corporation with average-sized, faceless employees. How can I help you today?"

"Wow, we hire almost anyone, but you... you sir are a few fruits short of a basket. Or something like that anyways." (if Intelligence is too low)

"So, you ready to work for 'The Man'? Give it 110% and 30 years... and you could BE that man. High five! Welcome aboard." (when hired)

"Company policy prevents your position advancement at this time. Oh yeah, and this internal report says you aren't smart enough, either." (if Intelligence is too low for promotion)

"We here at New Lines Incorporated wish you a safe and, above all, productive time in your new position." (when getting a promotion)

Outside The Club:

"I can see it, you got talent kid." *wink*

"I just can't wait to get my dance on."

*Singing* "Dancing with myself! OH Oh OH Oh."