The S.I.T. is situated on fourth island of Paper Thin City. This place is a little bit the same like the U of S, but the S.I.T. only 
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has the ability study and the teacher job. You can become a S.I.T. Professor if you talk to Chancellor Dean with 900 Intelligence. You will get the Tesla Helmet if you max out the teacher jobs (Rocket Scientist) . S.I.T. is short for Stick Institute of Technology.


Chancellor Dean - The Teacher of Paper Thin City. He's probably Manager and a Teacher. He offers you the option to become a teacher.

Fields - Nothing, really.

Foreman George - A architect, writing.

Professor Norton - You can pay him to study.

Cyrus - Nothing, study.

Hipster Hayden - Nothing, study.

Emily - Nothing, looks on the score board.

Nails - Nothing, study.