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The Shady Bartender is an NPC who is employed at Vinnie's as a bartender and associate. He serves the player drinks for $90. He is in the bar from evening until night.


"You a cop? Smells like ham in here..."

Drinking Scenarios

You woke up punch drunk and hung over. (-3 Charm, -5 Strength)

You got into a fight at the bar, but were too drunk to defend yourself. (-2 Charm, -3 Strength)

You got blindsided with a pool cue. Ouch. (-5 Strength)

You ended up in the drunk tank. (Jail)

A fight broke out last night; you weren't involved, fortunately. (+10 Charm, +3 Intelligence)

Drinks were on special! (+12 Charm, +$100)

You came, you drank, you left. (+14 Charm)

You had a wild night in a shady bar. (+15 Charm)

You had a great time hanging with mobsters all night. (+17 Charm, -10 Karma)

You can't remember last night, but you remember it being goooood. (+18 Charm)