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Simon is an NPC who can be found throughout the city. He is married to Lauri.


* means that Simon may sometimes not appear at the location.


At Wally Mart:

"This one has less salt."

"And it's a dollar less!"

At Ice Cream 32:

"That triple chocolate root-beer ripple looks like it's a winner."

"Porange sherbet...what the hell is 'porange'?"

"Pumpkin flavor?...Really?"

"Whatever you do, don't get the bacon double-chocolate cheeseburger... last time I hurled my cookies all over the cookie-dough flavor."

At Benjamin Club:

"I need a big win here. I'm going 'all in' on the cob."

Outside the casino:

"Come on Baby, just one more hour? Go have a drink while I play Roulette."

"Why you gotta' be like that?"

At the club:

"I'll have a gin and soda with lime... Oh... nevermind."

"This place always has chicks."

"Hope my wife doesn't call..."