Stick RPG 2 Wiki

A Skateboard is a form of transportation in Stick RPG 2. One can aquire a Custom Skateboard (which all skateboards are the same) by giving a teenage boy (who was also in Stick RPG 1) an XXX DVD on the Third Island. The custom skateboard can also be bought for $325 at the First Island store, Skate or Cry. The Pro Skateboard can be aquired by achieving the maximum rank of Pro Skateboarder. The Pro Skateboard is faster than the Custom Skateboard. To use any Skateboard simply hold down the shift key. The Hoverboard is the skateboards successor.


While on the skateboard, hold down O to perform an ollie whereas you can also hold down K to perform a kickflip. Each time you do a trick, you have a chance to receive charm.