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Slater is an exercise aficionado and trainer. He can be found at the university gym for as long as it's open. He can train your character in the strength stat for $20 a session. Each session lasts an hour.


"Ready to push it?"

Workout Scenarios

"You dropped a weight on your toe, but kept working out for another half hour to prove you were OK. At least your pride isn't shattered as badly as your foot." (-1 Strength, +1 Charm)

"Another fine work out." (+1 Strength)

"You felt the burn." (+1 Strength)

"You worked out." (+1 Strength)

"Some guy cut in on your weights between sets without asking, so you reminded him of his manners. With your fists." (+1 Strength, -1 Charm, -1 Karma)

"You pumped some iron. Look at you, iron man." (+2 Strength)

"You pushed it to the max!" (+2 Strength)

"You took it to the next level!" (+2 Strength)

"You tried circuit training today after reading about it in an exercise book. Well ladi-da, Mr. fancy pants." (+2 Strength, +2 Intelligence)

"A hot girl in spandex walked by and smiled at you while you were pumping iron. Maybe you can pick her up later in spin class." (+2 Strength, +2 Charm)

"You loaded up on protein shakes after your workout today; you feel bigger already!" (+4 Strength)