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Hello, sir! How can I help you today?
— Manager Sandy

StickBucks is a coffee shop located on the north-eastern portion of the First Island, which sells coffee and desserts. The name StickBucks is an obvious parody of a real-life coffee shop named Starbucks. StickBucks is an available purchasable asset in Dimension Banks worth $106,000.


Name Price Discounted Price Effect Description
Fancy Coffee $35 $17 +15HP

+1 Charm

Restores 15 health. It's the kind of coffee your friends wish they had.
Overpriced Baked Good $15 $7 +5HP Restores 5 health. Some buttery looking orange-filled French moon thingy... seriously, WTF is this?


Name Quote(s) Purpose
Barista Bradly "Did you see our 'help wanted' sign?" You can work as a StickBucks Employee by talking to him.
Manager Sandy "Hello, sir! How can I help you today?" You can purchase StickBucks food from her. See the Products tab above for product prices. She can't be found at Night.
Blackjack Dealer "Sure i deal cards now, but one day I want to make video games for a living. I heard a rumor that XGen Studios is hiring across town... maybe I should apply?"
Chip O'Nally "The sewer player are sure getting braver. you never use to see them, but I saw another one just yesterday. It's just a matter of time before someone gets attacked. They're crazed I tell ya." He warns the player about the Crazed Sewer People, found on the 3rd and 4th Islands.
Eliot Axor "Whatcha wanna do? Wanna be a hacker? Code cracker? Slacker? Wastin' time with all the chat rooms yakkers? Well, you came to the right guy... assuming you got a laptop." He appears in the morning and afternoon only. He offers the Hacker profession (Requires 60 Intelligence, Negative Karma, and a Crack Book Pro).
Devin "What are you lookin at?" She is one of the stickgirls that you can marry in Paper Thin City. Requires Negative Karma to start her marital questline.
Kate "(She doesn't look up from her book... must be good one.)" She is a student in the U of S. Like Devin, she is one of the stickgirls in Paper Thin City that you can marry. Requires 75 Intelligence to start her marital questline.
Owen "I deliver pizza every once in a while to get by. That's why I love this dimension; You only work when you want to!"
Roulette Dealer "One fancy coffee please... to go."
Sean "I heard it takes 17 trees to make a coffee cups. So if I pound 5 coffee's in a day, that's 5 empty cups thrown away each day. That's like a thousand trees! It such a waste ! Wish I had a better way to get caffeinated." He plays a vital role in Victoria's marital questline.
The Coca Nut Cowboy "Early to bed, early to rise. Heh, actually I've been up all night." You can give him Coca in the 2nd Island at night.
Unicorn Racing Dealer
  • "Good morning."
  • "So this guy bets on 'Unicorn on the Cob' to win all night, just throwing away money. Finally, on the second last race of the night, he hits! He cashed in big time on that one."
  • "I wish the casino let us wear headphones."

StickBucks Employee Ranks

The player can get a job as a Stickbucks Employee without any requirements. Promotions come with every 5 shifts worked. The ranks at StickBucks are:

  • Stick Buccaneer - $5 per shift "You wiped tables and swept to the floor."
  • Topping Whipper - $7 per shift "You made milk foamy."
  • Milk Steamer - $9 per shift "You made milk steamy."
  • Coffee Courier - $11 per shift "You served people coffee."
  • Decaf Disher - $13 per shift "You dealt decafs."
  • Latte Layer - $15 per shift "You laid the latte."
  • Espresso Express - $17 per shift "You were flying making those espressos."
  • Sugar Sheriff - $19 per shift "You filled all the sugar containers in these here parts. Well done Sheriff."
  • Captain Cappuccino - $25 per shift "You worked the cappuccino machine like only you know how."
  • Barista - $35 per shift "You ran the show."

Upon reaching the rank of Barista, the player will receive a complimentary cup of Fancy Coffee.

StickBucks Employee Random Events

Note: Gaining/Losing Karma can be either a Positive or a Negative scenario, depending on your playstyle.


  • You won the Espresso chugging contest! Way to give it 110%. (+$1700, +8 Charm)
  • A construction crew came in and tipped you real nicely. (+$325)
  • You gave a cop a free coffee. Brownie points. (+4 Charm)
  • You invented a tasty new beverage - Lime Coffee. (+8 Intelligence)
  • You learned how to fill sugar dispensers. Golly! (+5 Intelligence)
  • Manager Sandy winked at you. (+8 Charm)


  • You gave a pretty girl free whipped topping on her latte. (-1 Strength, +5 Charm)


  • The manager caught you texting. (-3 Intelligence)
  • The manager gave you %$#^ for not smiling enough. Smile! (-8 Charm)
  • You dumped a full X-Large on a customer. Whoops. (-4 Intelligence)
  • You forgot to wash your apron. Sloppy. (-3 Intelligence, -3 Charm)
  • You burned your hand at the milk steamer. (-3 Intelligence)


  • Eliot Axor mentions free Wi-Fi in StickBucks.
  • Kate and Devin, two of the stickgirls you can choose to marry in Stick RPG 2, can be found in StickBucks.
  • StickBucks and the Skye's Bar are the only places you can find two marriageable girls.