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Welcome to the Stick RPG 2 Wiki, the fan-made encyclopedia for Stick RPG 2, a game developed by XGen Studios.

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Welcome to the 2.5th Dimension!

This wiki is for the sequel to Stick RPG that was created by XGen Studios. It was released on April 19, 2011. You can visit their homepage, for more information.

Note to all Dimensional Drifters: Thank you for visiting and supporting the Stick RPG 2 Wiki! Before you go, please make a contributing edit on a page that needs some work. Hopefully we can make this wiki great!

Note to Paper Thin City citizens/contributors: Before carrying out any edits, please read the Wiki's Manual of Style. Never delete content, only add to it please. If you don't like what's written, just post a comment and we'll discuss it. This way, other contributors' work is not lost.

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For information about the original Stick RPG, check out the Stick RPG Wiki!

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VelvetRose24 VelvetRose24 31 August 2019

Hello everyone!

Hello everyone, I'm VelvetRose24, and I just came back to this game for the nostalgia and I genuine…

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Rayhan6726 Rayhan6726 9 August 2019

Article request

Please add the Government Official article that contain the requirements of the job and the salary …

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PandaTheKing0001 PandaTheKing0001 13 January 2019


Tomorrow I will be moving page info from here to the now official Stick RPG wiki . 

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Wiki News

October 2: The wiki posted 3269 in the WAM Rankings, beating our previous best of 3419 ever since the wiki got new management! Let's keep up the good work!

September 23: Ambasadade is our newest addition to the Stick RPG 2 Wiki Administration! He will be a Content Moderator going around and fixing your pages! He will also be in contact with the admins of this wiki so the wiki can be improved. Say hi!

September 20: We just posted 3419 in the WAM Rankings, our best standing ever since we got a new head admin. Let's keep this up, and hopefully beat our best ever standing at 860!

September 17: BandAnnaCCP is our newest addition to the Stick RPG 2 Wiki Administration! She will play as another wiki admin, and she'll assist in editing and reviewing future staff member applications!

Say hi in this Blog Post!

September 11: Achievements have been added to the Stick RPG 2 Wiki! You are also allowed to post any content regarding Stick RPG Complete! Staff Applications are still open!

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September 5: Hello everyone, VelvetRose24 here, I am now the new admin of the Stick RPG 2 Wiki! Feel free to contact me if you need any help with editing! I hope to be seeing you all later!