Stick RPG 2 Wiki
When you have no rules, you'll start to build your own rules.

Like any other wiki, if you want to stay and contribute, you have to follow the guidelines of the wiki. Also, if ever you see a dumb rule in the guidelines, it's because someone has done it before.

In General
  • Be civil to everyone. This is a community where everyone who is a fan of Stick RPG 2 can come together in, so do not harass, bully, argue, purposefully offend, make fun of, or disrespect other users. This also means that you should edit your own user page, not anyone else's, unless the user who owns the user page you're editing allows you to. Do not post anyone's private information, let them do that themselves. Remember, whatever you write on the internet STAYS on the internet, okay?
  • Respect Wiki Staff. They have earned their rights as Wiki Staff for a reason, and they know what they're doing. In general, when the staff asks you to stop doing disruptive activity in the wiki, respect their commands.
  • Abide by Wiki Rules and Guidelines. This is self-explanatory guys, c'mon now.

Basic Rules
  1. Absolutely no spamming allowed. This includes, adding useless pages, creating spam edits (e.g, reverting and then redoing edits).
  2. No advertising.
  3. Alternate/sock puppet accounts are strictly prohibited.
  4. Non-admin users should not give warnings to other users. Friendly advice and tips are one thing, but only admins will give out warnings.
  5. No adding of false/unconfirmed information of any sort.
  6. Creating articles regarding any real-life drama is prohibited out of due respect to the community.
  7. Absolutely no vandalism. That includes editing of some sort on other people's pages.
  8. No removing items from galleries, unless it's fake or irrelevant to the topic.
  9. NSFW Content must be marked as NSFW.

File Rules

Do Not:

  • Upload anything that isn't going to be used in a mainspace article.
  • Upload duplicate files.
  • Upload anything explicit for the use of making others uncomfortable/harassed.

In General:

  • Try to upload the highest quality files as much as possible. Other than that, don't upload low-quality files when there is a higher quality file available.
  • When editing, please abide by the Manual of Style.