This place is a new combat zone updated and exclusive only for owners of Directors Cut and is an advanced and modern version of the Old Abandoned Warehouse. It is the headquarters of the gang that did not specify its name but is evidential the group that operates in the fourth island.

To get the New Warehouse Key, gather 750 strength and go to the Dangling Pianist in the evening or night. Talk to the orange people at the table (make sure they have a quest icon above their head) and accept the deal. Even if you don't go to the New Warehouse, you get a free 7500 dollars!

When you enter you are forced to fight and defeat their occupants, if you win you get a hyperdrive that is needed to help the alien while getting the nova flamethrower. Otherwise you remove your money and stay at 5% health.

Each week is more difficult to win due to advancement in technology.

The brand new abandoned warehouse.