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The Club is a quite popular bar and hangout place located on the 3rd Island of Paper Thin City. It's an establishment where you can get drunk in, along with Skye's Bar, Vinnie's, and The Dangling Pianist. The Club is one of the places that requires an ID to enter.


A quite spacious lobby complete with a bar makes up the first floor of The Club. The bar table appears to be lined up with drinks in display. Going upstairs will take the player to the main rave area, where a dance floor sits on the centre of the rave area. A DJ stand overlooks the dance floor. Numerous flashing and strobe lights are stationed throughout the building. Going downstairs will take the player to the restrooms area. Einstein's Twin can be found in the men's restroom.

Business Hours

The Club follows this business schedule.

Morning Closed
Evening Open


There are four optional quests that can be completed in The Club.

  1. DJ MatchStick McQuick: His quest requires a Pizza from Joe's Pizza Place and a Milk Shake from McSticks, totalling $82. In the evening, go to the rave area of The Club and talk to DJ MatchStick McQuick. He'll ask the player to deliver him a Pizza from Joe's Pizza Place (which is still open in the evening), since he wants to eat, but can't leave his post. Give him the Pizza, and he'll then ask the player for a Milk Shake from McSticks (also open during the evening). Give him the Milk Shake, and he'll reward the player with one of the four Trophemon.
  2. Einstein's Twin: This quest requires Intelligence. Once you have a large amount of Intelligence points, go to the men's restroom of The Club and talk to Einstein's Twin. You can either answer his riddle (requires said Intelligence), and the player will be rewarded with positive Karma and Einsteinium. Choosing the other option will cause a fight between the player and Einstein's Twin. Winning the fight will grant the player negative Karma and Einsteinium.
  3. Jacky: This quest requires Charm. Once the player obtained a lot of Charm points, head to the women's restroom of The Club at night. Jacky is standing next to the sink, trying out Coca. Telling her to hand it over (requires said Charm) will grant you Coca.
  4. Broski: This quest requires Strength. Once the player has obtained a large amount of Strength points, go to the bar area of The Club and talk to Broski. Challenge him to an arm wrestling contest. You will win, and he'll give you a Klein Bottle, one of the three required 4D objects needed to return the player to the 2D world.


These NPCs can sometimes be seen in The Club.

Name Purpose
Aidan He would initially just blurt out "Heh. Deja-vu." Continuing to talk to him will lead to comments on how the player is annoying him.
Bartender Andrew You can talk to him if you want to get drunk.
Creepster Marlo He sometimes appears on the rave area of The Club, watching over everyone. You can give him the Bacon Flavored Narwhal.
Cyrus He sometimes appears on the rave area, presumably hitting on the Rave Chick.