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Reward for maxing out the Government Official Job.

The King
is the most powerful minigun in the game. It is acquired by achieving the highest rank in the Government Official Profession.


The King's power does well in open areas, but it can be overwhelmed. The King is a bulky, big and long weapon. Because of this, its really annoying in small places. Its long, and due to this, it overshots melee opponents who are in range to hit you. Enemies can usually get stuck behind you and you'll be scrambling to turn and hit them. At this point it'd be best to swtich to a melee weapon. The king is the second most powerful weapon in the game click here.


  • The King's description, "Hail to the king baby!", is a reference to Army of Darkness and is also a name for an achievement. And to Duke Nukem. 
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