The lab ansel

the final battle of the game

The Lab is a building in the first island located near the basement you live in , it is locked until you give all the Fourth Dimensional Objects to Professor Ansel .


When you enter the lab a fight starts against Ansel's cronies; they will help Ansel. After defeating all of them, you have to fight against him. He uses the Auto-Railer 9k. It is recommended you have a third-tier weapon to survive the battle. (The shotgun you get for maxing out the rank in Police Officer (Job) Is good for taking out Professor Ansel.)


There are three endings, you can choose the one you like after beating professor Ansel . ( Tested only on PC version )

  1. Left side : You return to your home , the 2D world , you can play Stick RPG complete ! hooray ! When you return to this world it is viewed through a distorted television screen.
  2. Middle side : You return to the main menu , probably it has something to do with the third part of Stick RPG
  3. Right side : You start a new game but with the same stats, STR, CHR, and INT. Karma is reset to 0.