(DC) Director's cut only because the trophies will require you to get to screen 4


  • Maxed Baby! - Master a Profession
  • Great Scott! - Get the Hoverboard: See Trophemon Sidequest
  • Rhodes Scholar - Get 999 Intelligence
  • Hef (DC) - Buy the Mansion key
  • Vigilante Justice: Eliminate all Mobsters, Gangsters, and miscellania.
  • Workaholic: Master 15 professions
  • Game Over Man: Get married: See the Marriage Sidequests.
  • Golden Glove Champ: Win 5 boxing matches
  • Penthouse Living: Buy the Penthouse Key
  • Castle Crasher (DC): Win a Castle: play Castle Quest and win it.
  • E.T Go Home (DC): See The Alien sidequest.
  • Used Car Salesman: Get 999 Charm
  • Hail to the King, Baby (DC): Master Politician
  • Caged Animal: Win 10 cage fights.
  • Charlie Sheen: Eat, Drink, or Smoke to needing medical attention:
  • Gym Rat: Get 999 Strength
  • Power Overwhelming: 999 STR, INT, and CHA
  • Monopoly: Buy every available business
  • "To the Lab!": Own the Lab Key: Main Quest.
  • Satan Incarnate: -999 Karma: Spam-buy fake IDs, or for non-inventory spammers, *Devil's Food Cake.
  • Career Criminal: Go to Jail 5 Times: Occasional upon aftermath of Fights, and *Evil jobs.
  • Five Million Dollar Man: Have $5,000,000 on hand
  • 10 Million Dollar Man: Have $10,000,000 on hand
  • Hustler: Win $50,000 gambling
  • Fast Cash: Earn $100,000 in the first 10 days
  • Mother Theresa:Get +999 Karma
  • Armed to the Teeth: All weapons owned. The Rank 3 Sledgehammer and Flamethrower is *what matters to the achievement.
  • Maximus Prime: All stats to 2,000: Similar to Power Overwhelming.
  • Speed Run: Get the Lab Key within 15 Days
  • Pwnerer's Clearing House: Clear all combat zones 5 times:fixing links