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Tutorial Ted is the first person you talk to (The Shield with Sword

Tutorial Ted is the first Stickman you talk to in Stick RPG 2. You can choose to be nice to him or to be mean to him, and get karma respective of your choice. Regardless of the one you pick he will give you $100 and the key to his basement. He later appears in the Benjamin Club and judging by his chat box he is drinking heavily.


He is found responsible for the murder at the Hardware store.

Tutorial Ted was jealous of Ryan with the Lady of the Evening, so he turned to the Chainsaw Club. The Chainsaw Club refused to kill Ryan, so he had to do it himself.

To finish the side-quest, you must kill Tutorial Ted, and he wields the Blast Cannon, the same weapon the final boss(Professor Ansel) wields. Upon killing him, you get the Blast Cannon.


  • Tutorial Ted talk.png
    • Tutorial Ted answer 1.png
      • Tutorial Ted good.png
    • Tutorial Ted answer 2.png
      • Tutorial Ted bad.png


  • Tutorial Ted talk again.png
    • Tutorial Ted answer 1 2.png
      • Tutorial Ted good 2.png
    • Tutorial Ted answer 2 2.png
      • Tutorial Ted bad 2.png


  • After choosing the Good Karma response: Tutorial Ted good talk again.png
  • After choosing the Bad Karma response: Tutorial Ted bad talk again.png

Potential Bugs

  • Defeating Ted can cause the text box saying you that you've beaten him every time you leave a building. [Steam Version]
    • Fixed by saving and restarting.
    • Confirmation please